FABBRICA. offers custom-made furniture and furnishings, which can be customized to your individual needs. Our focus is on individuality, flexibility and creativity.
At FABBRICA. everybody can become a designer himself and design together with our experts team his customized piece of furniture. All furniture and furnishings are flexibly changeable regarding materials, fabrics, colors, sizes, shapes, designs, construction etc.
FABBRICA. works with selected producers who are skilled in their trade, use the best materials and guarantee excellent workmanship. A special focus is on the sustainability of the products as well as on the origin of materials and commodities.
All products are manufactured exclusively in European factories, which are mostly family businesses.In selecting these companies FABBRICA. attached importance on their experience in the production of high quality furniture and the maintenance of high quality standards.
The fabrics and leathers come from highly specialized weaving mills and tanneries in Italy and partly from Germany and Belgium. Woods, such as oak or beech come from European forests and are processed in Europe. Likewise, the raw materials such as latex, foam and down come from Italy.
The important thing is that the fabric looks good and especially feels good. Therefore FABBRICA. has a wide range of fabrics, which are manufactured from 100% natural fibers such as cotton or linen. If the fabric is intended to be more durable, you should fall back on mixed fibers with synthetic fibers, as they are more practical. A special collection are the Easy Clean-fabrics, which are water and dirt repellent and therefore are exceptionally resistant.
The high-quality leathers are made exclusively from cattle hides, which have an exceptionally smooth appearance. There is a wide range of leathers and colors available – from smooth leather over fine-pore leather to thick leather with strong tooling or vintage leather. Over time, the leather gets a special patina that makes it look even more beautiful.
All furniture are custom-made and are produced to order. Therefore in the calculation of the prices, factors such as size, material, fabric, leather, construction, etc. are considered. Every piece of furniture is individually configured and therefore also calculated separately.
Personal advice is the top priority at FABBRICA. because it is important to us that you feel safe with your choice and are satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, all products can be ordered or purchased exclusively in our showroom.